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Government Solutions - Proven Past Performance

With a proven past performance in government education and training programs, One Touch products are currently installed in more than 20 studios, 2,000 classrooms with over 20,000 keypads within various agencies of the U.S. Government.

One Touch products operate in various governments network environments such as satellite TV, satellite VSAT (one-way and two-way IP), video conferencing and 100% IP media networks.

One Touch products offer a powerful two-way digital audio (VoIP) communication with one-way digital video (MPEG 4 H.264) CODEC delivery platform, giving the instructor full control in administering course contents and discussions. With easy-to-use interactive audio, the instructor will have the capability to call on specific students while also managing student call requests. Using the Response Keypad (RK), students are able to converse naturally and hands-free with the instructor while all students across the network are able to listen in, much like a real classroom. To monitor progress, instructors will be equipped with measurable easy-to-use accountability tools and a built-in database to capture and store results from the training sessions.