Designed by learning professionals, the One Touch Presentation Server console is the easy-to-use primary interface of the system for presenters (or instructors). The Presentation Server allows a presenter, located at a centralized site (i.e. department headquarters) to conduct interactive distance communications and learning sessions with remote participants in geographically dispersed One Touch Classrooms. The versatile presenter application integrates PowerPoint authoring, course notes, visual aids, call management, and real-time results analysis into a simple, but comprehensive touch-activated display. The user interface is easy-to-use, allowing the presenter's attention to stay focused on presenting, communicating, and interacting with remote participants as individuals.

database records session events including participant logins, responses to questions and quizzes, and participant calls – storing results for later analysis and reporting. Instructors can determine participant comprehension, relative performance, or obtain valuable data by polling the participants. In addition, the record of attendance and responses can provide proof of compliance, certify qualifications, or as a basis for attendee accountability.