One Touch System has a past performance of supporting up to 9,000 remote site classrooms with fourteen live broadcast studios implementation.

With One Touch patent keypad (User Response Device) technology, each remote site classroom with One Touch Site Controller can support up to 64 students (bandwidth optimization). 

One Touch also offers a Desktop PC solution, providing the capability to reach students with desktop PCs right from their desk.

On Demand solution extends the capability to reach students who cannot participate in a live session using either the keypads or desktop PCs.  

IP Network

 One Touch Products fully support any IP network such as Enterprise IP network, Internet, or two way satellites IP VSAT network. One Touch solution has over fifteen years of past performance in one way BTV satellite network and two way VSAT satellite network. 

One way Presenter video, audio, and data are delivered over the satellite network to remote classrooms while remote site return audio (VOIP) and data utilize a low-bandwidth two-way VSAT return channel or terrestrial IP connection.