About One Touch Systems

Since pioneering highly interactive distance learning (IDL) in 1989, One Touch Systems remains the world's leading provider of solutions for live, interactive distance communications and learning. The One Touch solution enables distributed learning by integrating video, voice and data over any broadband network. One Touch powers the highest levels of live, face-to-face-like interactivity with measurable and certifiable results. One Touch extends the reach of communication and learning sessions to geographically dispersed participants in networked classrooms as well as at individual PCs.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, One Touch is the installed-base leader with a premier customer list that includes many of the world's largest organizations. One Touch solutions are deployed on five continents at government offices, Fortune 50 corporations and educational institutions, reaching an estimated 3 million employees annually.

One Touch offers customers the most complete range of award-winning solutions and implementation support available – providing a cost-effective and proven means of delivering visually-rich, interactive communications and learning, revolutionizing the way, and speed with which people learn.

The Value of One Touch

  • Travel & related cost savings
  • Timely and consistent messaging
  • Reinforce best practices
  • Accountable, certifiable learning
  • 1,000 plus scalability
  • Geographically boundless
  • Highly interactive
  • Live and On Demand