Company highlights


JC Penney has selected the new One Touch features with HD video & High-quality Interactive Audio: "SCC" and "Mobile" (iPad) solutions, to deliver Enterprise-wide Live and On Demand training and corporate communications.


One Touch participated in the SALT/FGDLA conference in support of the Federal Government distance learning initiatives


Safeway has selected One Touch's new HD Video & High Quality Audio SCC integrated solution for its enterprise communications and training network in over 1800 locations


One Touch Mobile solution extends its training and communications platform onto tablet and Smartphone devices


Federal Aviation Agency has selected One Touch's SCC integrated solution for its distance learning initiative

ONE TOUCH Learning, Training and Communication Solution

One Touch provides virtual distance learning, training and communication system which allows you to produce and distribute high-quality video presentations while interacting with a large, distributed audience. Interaction can occur anytime and anywhere — via PC or in a classroom setting with the One Touch Site Controller and Keypads.


One Touch technologies were designed to facilitate dynamic human interaction, with the “give and take” that human learning and understanding require. The system is structured around key learning principles, with a highly immersive approach: Visual Instruction, Interactivity and Accountability.


The extraordinary challenges of today’s business environment fall into two categories: revenue growth and reducing costs. One Touch helps organizations achieve these goals with a competitive advantage by stretching the budget to train more people, more often, and with higher effectiveness.